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Pühajärve Restaurant



Being surrounded by the beautiful pearls of South-Estonian nature, we present local produce and Estonian food culture in our kitchen. Whenever possible, we always use the raw materials of the good farmers in the area. Just as nature is living, breathing and developing, we are moving in the same rhythm as our nature. We want to be the best friend of our guests and transfer their food philosophy of good taste and beautiful purity. Therefore, we continue to strive to offer new experiences, and we want to remain faithful partners for every guest we will always welcome back. We have gathered our understanding of beauty, taste, and nature and present it on your food table.

Koit Uustalu - Chef de cuisine




Olives, wild garlic
6 €

Mooste ham, rhubarb mustard, bread crisp
8 €

South-Estonia fried cheese, cloudberry jam, herb-dip
8 €

* sharing for two


Artisan paté
Liver, sea buckthorn balm, cowberry, crispy buckwheat
9 €


Baltic herring
Crispy fillet, kohlrabi, mustard cream, herbal foam, fish roe
10 €


Goat Cheese 2.0
Crispy Goat Cheese, marinated pumpkin, onion jam, sea buckthorn, pumpkin cream
14 €


Tartare, marinated mushroom, herb cream, truffle aioli, crispy buckwheat
17 €



Lamb and chanterelles
Lamb dumplings, chanterelle cream, truffle-salted cheese foam
14 €


Deer and beet
Salted fillet, onion broth, borscht salad, truffle sour cream
10 €



Duck confit, Peipsi onion, mustard aioli, GMP adjika
16 €


Loona mill groats, roasted cauliflower, fried chanterelles, salted cheese
16 €


BBQ cheek, black garlic, salsify, potato-mustard cream, blackcurrant sauce
18 €


Perch fillet, crispy potato-cauliflower ball, marinated kohlrabi, fish roe, lobster sauce
24 €


Confit, duck-onion croquette, potato gratin, cherry-anise gel, truffle sauce
24 €


Saddle, crispy goat cheese, potato confit, eggplant cream, mint-currant sauce
27 €


Sirloin, potato croquette, salsify, black garlic cream, red wine-mushroom sauce
29 €



Housecake 12.0
9 €


Curd cream, winter apple salad, meringue, chocolate chip, sea buckthorn syrup
8 €


Black berries
Sour cream-blueberry cake, lavender-thyme ice cream, blackcurrant-ginger broth
9 €



Healthy snacks
Selection of vegetables and fruit
5 € 
Meatball soup
6 €
Cheese, tagliatelle, salad, ketchup
6 €
Breaded fillet, potato puree, cucumber-tomato cold sauce
7 €
Fillet, potato puree, cucumber-tomato cold sauce
7 €



Goods from our kitchen

(ask for availability)

GMP bread


GMP white bread


Artisan pate 200 g


Kitchen is closed half an hour before the restaurant closes

*Ask your server about baby purees.

*Do kids want to play? We are happy to help.

*If you have any food allergies or intolerance, please ask the staff about the allergies.

*Ask for vegetarian and vegan special offers.

*If you have any dietary restrictions, please ask the staff


Eesti käsitööõlu ... Foto Toomas Tuul.


ALKOHOLIVABAD JOOGID / Non-alcoholic beverages


KUUMAD JOOGID / Hot drinks


LAHJA ALKOHOL / Beer & Cider


Gin & Tonic


LIKÖÖR / Liquors 4cl


VIIN / Vodka 4cl


RUMM / Rum 4cl

APERATIIV JA DIGESTIIV / Aperitif and digestive


KALVADOS / Calvados 4cl

TEKIILA / Tequila 4cl

VISKI / Whiskey 4cl

KONJAK / Cognac 4cl

BRÄNDI / Brandy 4cl

GRAPPA / Grappa 4cl


Eesti viinamarjavein Rondo. Foto Toomas Tuul


MAJAVEIN / House wine

Valge / White

Punane / Red


KLAASI ŠAMPANJA / VAHUVEIN / House champagne / Sparkling wine


ŠAMPANJA / Champagne


VAHUVEIN / Sparkling wine


VALGE VEIN / White Wine


Itaalia / Italy


Hispaania / Spain


Prantsusmaa / France

Saksamaa / Germany





Uus-Meremaa / New-Zealand


Lõuna- Aafrika / South-Africa

ROOSA VEIN / Rose Wine

Prantsusmaa / France


PUNANE VEIN / Red wine


Itaalia / Italy

Hispaania / Spain


Prantsusmaa / France



Argentiina/ Argentina



Lõuna-Aafrika / South-Africa

PORTVEIN / Portwein

DESSERTVEIN / Dessert wine

Veinide aastakäigud võivad muutuda. Küsige lisainfot teenindajalt / Vintages are subject to change, more information from the waitress!

We are offering internships at one of the best hotels and restaurants in Southern Estonia. There are internship opportunities available year-round for waiters and waitresses at the restaurant, in the kitchen, and in the reception and cleaning services of the hotel. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let’s discuss: clubhotel@gmp.ee

GMP Pühajärve restaurant seats up to 75 people indoors plus 120 people on a roofed terrace in the summer. The terrace offers a beautiful view of Lake Pühajärv.

We have a group menu for larger groups and various options for organising fun events.

Blind dinner

Please do not hesitate to contact us; let’s discuss everything and we’ll make you an individual quotation: restoran@gmp.ee or +372 799 7000

On the GMP Chef's side, you will be able to be part of an extra food experience. The chef and his team will take you on a culinary journey, offering five or seven-course meals of Southern Estonian flavors and tasting menus inspired by our food philosophy. Let us be one chapter in your book of experiences.

Five-course menu for 69 €

Seven-course menu for 79 €

Suitable wines 59 €


The chef’s menu is available on pre-booking for 2 to 10 people.

Additional information and booking:


Maarja Sallok



Restaurant Manager